Learn about the world, nature and how it works through Peggy.



What's included:

Power of community
Natural cycle of molting

Learn about the catastrophic molt that penguins go through

Specifics of the molt timing
Strategies used to get through the molt

A curious rather than fearful approach to change

This activity book is a must for learning to be calm and focused from an early age.

☁ Awareness and fostering curiosity of natural and societal structure

☁ The problems that face us due to oversights in the world, how we can fix them optimistically

☁ Mindset of optimism going forward in the world so we can work toward progression

☁ Preparing children to go forth into our society to make a difference

This is a lesson about nature, cycles, and overcoming a brand new challenge. It is our best-selling and most popular book. No one has finished this book without learning something new and you can too!

"My 4 year old was very interested in the story, loved the pictures, and wanted to read it over again. Highly recommended." JS