Every story brings attention to positive aspects of even tough situations without ignorning the hard parts. We believe that focusing on what we are grateful for or gain from experience will help us grow!


Engaging in a memorable story with a relatable character is a powerful teaching tool. It allows memorization and associated learning to occur organically and enjoyably.


Our stories have unique ways of teaching about the world we live in. Whether it's colors, counting, a nature lesson, or how to calm down, the lessons are built naturally into a powerful and unforgettable narrative.

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Deveolped by a life-long teacher, Learn Thru Stories creator, L. Ajani, has worked teaching children as a Mad Science instructor, gymnastics and athletic coach, and an after-school program coordinator Primrose Daycare. Learn thru stories is a publishing entity dedicated to children’s stories with an educational slant. This means that, although fiction, the stories carry real-life lessons and provide obscure and interesting information that is regularly news to older children and adults.

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Existence of Crystals

Breathing Techniques